LIPO Nation

LIPO Nation (Long Island Post Ops Bariatric Support Group, Inc) is a non profit 501 (C) 3 tax exempt charitable organization that has one be the best Bariatric Support Organization in the country. Founded and run by bariatric patients, LIPO Nation understands the needs and concerns of the bariatric patient.

Our Mission is to provide the bariatric community:

  • Unbiased support and information
  • A network of “people helping people”
  • Professional leaders who not only “talk the talk” but who have “walked the walk”, since ALL of our leadership always have been and always will be bariatric patients.
  • Online support/information via Facebook and other social & networking sites
  • Educational seminars and informational sessions (both live and web based)
  • Provide savings for our members on various goods and services.
  • Organize outings & activities to promote exercise and to foster friendships within the bariatric community.

We want LIPO Nation to be your “safe” place to exchange information and ideas with others in the bariatric community.


Long Island Post Op Bariatric Support Group, Inc.